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Learn Nama Ramayanam - Part 2

Updated: Apr 10

॥ अयोध्याकाण्डम् ॥

अगणितगुणगणभूषित राम् ॥२३॥

Who was adorned with innumerable virtues.

अवनीतनयाकामित राम् ॥२४॥

Who was desired by the daughter of the earth ( Sita)

राकाचन्द्रसमानन राम् ॥२५॥

Whose face is like the full moon

पितृवाक्याश्रितकानन राम् ॥२६॥

Who went to the forest following the words of his father

प्रियगुहविनिवेदितपद राम् ॥२७॥

to whose feet Guha offered himself as a dear servant

तत्क्षालितनिजमृदुपद राम् ॥२८॥

Whose gentle feet was washed (by Guha)

भरद्वाजमुखानन्दक राम् ॥२९॥

Who made the face of sage Bharatwaja shine with joy

चित्रकूटाद्रिनिकेतन राम् ॥३०॥

Who made the Chitrakuta mountain as his habitat

दशरथसन्ततचिन्तित राम् ॥३१॥

Who continually thought of his father Dasaratha during his exile in the forest

कैकेयीतनयार्थित राम् ॥३२॥

Who was earnestly requested by Bharata, the son of Kaikeyi to return to the kingdom.

विरचितनिजपितृकर्मक राम् ॥३३॥

Who performed the last rites of his father

भरतार्पितनिजपादुक राम् ॥३४॥

Who gave his paduka (wooden sandal) to Bharata

राम् राम् जय राजा राम् ।

राम् राम् जय सीता राम् ।

First, M S Subbalakshmi singing the above lines:

Now, listen to the following Youtube video where Durga Mythreyee teaches the above lines:

Darbari kanada

Sa ri2 ga1 ma1 pa da1 ni1sa

Sa da ni pa ma pa gaa ma ri sa

Sa sa ri ri ri ri sa ri gaa ri ri saa

Ri sa daa da ni paa Ga ma ni ni saa

Maa maa paa pa Ma paa ma pa gaa

Ma ma rii saa ni sa Daa ni ni saa

Ma ma ma ma pa pa ma pa Da da da ni paa

Saa ni da nii pa ma ga ma Ri sa ni ri saa

Ri ri rii ri ri sa ri Gaa ri ri saa

Ni sa ri sa daa da ni Ga ma ni ni saa

Ma ma ma ma paa pa pa Paa ma pa gaa

Maa rii saa ni sa Daa ni ni saa

Ma ma ma ma pa pa ma pa Daa da ni paa

Ma pa saa ni pa ma pa Gaa ri ri saa

Rii ri rii ri ri ri Rii sa ri gaa

Maa ma rii ri sa sa Ni da ni ri saa

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