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Learn Nama Ramayanam - Part 3

Updated: Apr 10

॥ अरण्यकाण्डम् ॥

दण्डवनजनपावन राम् ॥३५॥

Who purified the environment of the Dandakaranya forest by slaying the demons

दुष्टविराधविनाशन राम् ॥३६॥

Who destroyed the wicked demon Viradha

शरभङ्गसुतीक्ष्णार्चित राम् ॥३७॥

Who was worshipped by sage Sarabhanga and sage Sutheekshana.

अगस्त्यानुग्रहवर्धित राम् ॥३८॥

Who was full with the blessings of sage Agastya

गृध्राधिपसंसेवित राम् ॥३९॥

Who was served by the king of vultures (Jatayu)

पञ्चवटीतटसुस्थित राम् ॥४०॥

Who abided at the bank of the river at Panchavati

शूर्पणखार्तिविधायक राम् ॥४१॥

Who enjoyed the pain on Surpanakha for her wicked intentions

खरदूषणमुखसूदक राम् ॥४२॥

Who destroyed the face of demons Khara and Dushana from the world.

सीताप्रियहरिणानुग राम् ॥४३॥

Who went after the deer wanted by devi Sita

मारीचार्तिकृदाशुग राम् ॥४४॥

Who inflicted pain on Maricha with his arrow for his (Maricha’s) wrong deed.

विनष्टसीतान्वेषक राम् ॥४५॥

Who searched for the lost Sita earnestly

गृध्राधिपगतिदायक राम् ॥४६॥

Who gave liberation to the king of vultures (Jatayu)

शबरीदत्तफलाशन राम् ॥४७॥

Who ate the fruit given by Shabari as an offering of devotion.

 कबन्धबाहुच्छेदक राम् ॥४८॥

Who cut off the arms of Kabandha.

Once again, we will have MSS version first, followed by Durga Mythreyee breaking it into smaller chunks and adding swaras to ease learning.

MS Subbulakshmi

Durga Mythreyee's tutorial :


Sa ga2 pa da2 ni1 sa

Sa ni da pa ga sa

Ga ga gaa sa sa sa sa Nii ni sa daa

Paa da ni saa sa ga saa ni da saa

Ga ga paa pa da daa Nii da da paa

Ni da paa gaa ga ga Saa ga ga paa

Daa daa ni da paa Ga pa da ni saa

Saa ni da nii da pa Gaa pa ni daa

Pa da nii daa pa Gaa ga pa saa ni da saa

Ga ga gaa sa sa sa sa Nii ni sa daa

Paa da ni sa sa sa ga Saa ni da saa

Gaa paa daa da Da nii da da paa

Ni daa pa gaa gaa Saa ga ga paa

Daa daa ni da pa pa Ga pa da ni saa

Sa sa saa nii da pa Gaa pa ni daa

Ga daa pa gaa gaa Paa ga ga saa

Gaa ga paa pa pa pa Daa nii daa

Saa sa nii ni da pa Ga pa gaa saa

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